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A Walk in the Woods: one of my husband’s favourite books, we have now finally seen this film, after missing it at the cinema (John Morrison our disastrous cinema day, I won’t go into detail, suffice it to say I was ‘hormonal’ that day and poor hubby missed the screening). Wow, what a great film, unexpectedly great. Having never read Bill Bryson, I connected with his humour immediately, and the whole film just flowed so well. Excellent supporting characters, doing what they are supposed to do, which is highlight the main characters’ traits. Just a perfect example of how a script can make or break a film. In this case, the writing was strong, purposeful, economical, and full of wit and warmth. No verbal diarrhea or hip catchphrase opportunities. Just ‘real’ writing, combined with solid casting. Nick Nolte: I don’t care if he’s batsh*t crazy – he is a fine actor and I’ve always been a huge fan (“Prince of Tides” ftw. That film is superb). Redford is of course brilliantly relaxed and dry. The message of the film is beautiful, and I was sad when the film ended coz it was so good, I was all like “awwweeeeeee”

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