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Fine and Clear Productions enlisted Minta Motion to create print artwork for their 2016 documentary “When We Sing”.  With only a couple of reference images, we were able to create a poster design that conveys the mood and tone of the film.  This project is ongoing and will continue with designs for the DVD case […]

Deadpool: underwhelmed. The humour was ok. The action was great. But the whole thing didn’t come together. It didn’t flow, the pacing was off. Ok, I said the humour was ok, but it was also totally inconsistent and just all over the shop. Like chuckle-type short sketches all REALLY loosely strung together by a ‘who […]

Some motion graphics stills from a recent post-production project for the lovely boys at Bravo Productions. It is a 13 minute animated video for new members at QSuper. This has been the main direction of my work in the last few years: re-interpreting otherwise largely text-based information into something visually appealing. This was a huge […]

A Walk in the Woods: one of my husband’s favourite books, we have now finally seen this film, after missing it at the cinema (John Morrison our disastrous cinema day, I won’t go into detail, suffice it to say I was ‘hormonal’ that day and poor hubby missed the screening). Wow, what a great film, […]

AHS Season 5: Hotel. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get into it, but after 7 episodes I’m back on the AHS train baby! The quality of writing, directing and performance does not come near “Asylum” (the seasons went downhill from there), but still entertaining nonetheless. Lady Gaga is as fantastic […]

I was dubious going in. I’m not a huge fan of Hathaway and I feel like DeNiro is always ‘phoning it in’ in the Winter of his career. However, this film did not disappoint. I don’t know if it was hormones, but I was on the verge of tears from the start of this film […]

Technology company Levarti once again enlisted  Minta Motion to design various print media and poster for their 2015 conference visits.  The print media included updated business cards, a tri-fold brochure, 2 large vertical banners, and a full page design to be presented as the first page in a conference booklet of vendors.  The project also […]

A stunningly beautiful film. Great cast and some surprisingly funny lines. I’m so glad they avoided any dark twists, politically correct re-plotting or ‘realism’ to appease the cynical viewership. It’s fantasy, it’s a fairytale and Branagh maintained that innocence and romance in the directing of this film. My eyes actually swelled up with tears at […]

I was lucky enough to be asked by my beautiful friend Bek to take some pregnancy photos before her little lady arrived.  We did a lovely intimate shoot.  I made sure she could enjoy one of her favourite treats – custard tarts – while I straightened her hair and did her makeup.  Every pregnant woman […]

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – a complete style-over-substance snoozefest from Guy Ritchie. Seriously, if you’re gonna reference a vintage visual style, that’s fine … but you GOTTA modernise the dialogue, the humour, the pace and all that stuff that makes a great updated film. You cannot expect current audiences to enjoy old crappy sight gags […]

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends who could be part of our special day.  Our wedding was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, riverside at Orleigh Park, West End, Brisbane.  We arrived with our two kids by horse and carriage, had the most wonderful afternoon, then enjoyed a perfect gondola ride […]

*Warning – strong language* Ok so 50 Shades of Grey. They say you can’t polish a turd, but I believe a good adaptation can absolutely bring the best parts of an otherwise crap piece of writing to life and make it something entirely fresh and visually strong. Sadly this was NOT one of those adaptations. […]

I soooo wanted to love this film, but I felt like the sum of its parts was far greater than the whole. Performances were killer no doubt, but I think this was more largely due to the phenomenal actors just being their brilliant selves, than any directorial genius. I was so impressed with Emma Stone, […]

I watched season 1 and 2 years ago, then put it on the back burner. FINALLY getting back into it, and absolutely powering through the remainder of the seasons (which is in IMO the best way to watch a good series). Some shows tend to plateau once you’ve ‘discovered’ the fairly one-dimensional characters, then all […]

I really enjoyed it. Angelina Jolie breathes so much life and intensity into her role as the betrayed villainess, it’s worth a viewing for her performance alone. Great CGI and just overall beautiful to watch and pretty entertaining. One I’ll definitely show the kids (when they’re a bit older).

Ok so Season One of American Horror Story was a tiny bit creepy, but season 2 is CRAZY. Just incredible. Jessica Lange is outstanding: how she didn’t win the lead actress Emmy for this season is beyond me. Zachary Quinto (messed up), James Cromwell (super evil), brilliantly cast, and I love how the actors return […]

Technology company Levarti enlisted  Minta Motion to design various print media and poster for their 2014 conference visits.  The print media included business cards, 6 brochures and 2 large vertical banners.  The project also included a promotional video and various internal training videos.  The print design worked off the colour palette and style of their […]

17 MARCH, 2007 I got the link to this competition from my brother, who also entered a video which became a finalist.  The deadline for entries was the next day, so I becan editing at 4pm, and finished around 4am.  gotta love those all-nighters!  After winning my brother and I were flown to Sydney and […]